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Counter Surveillance > RY-W15 portable spectrum analyzer

    RY-W15 portable spectrum analyzer

    RY-W15 spectrum analyzer is a portable spectrum analyzer with a rapid sweep speed and functionality suited for detecting unknown, illegal, disruptive, and anomalous rogue transmissions across a wide frequency range. This capability makes the RY-W15 an ideal product for:
    • Site Surveys for communications systems (cell towers, microwave links, etc…)
    • RF emissions analysis
    • Wireless service providers and installers
    • Investigating misuse of the crowded RF spectrum
    • Security surveys for eavesdropping detection
    World communications systems are rapidly expanding in many areas especially mobile land and satellite based broadband communication systems. The RY-W15 provides important tools to evaluate these systems and integrate them into ambient RF environments.
    With world economies competing for business, high level corporate security requires eavesdropping detection f or the protection of trade secrets, new product developments, marketing strategies, company sensitive information, financial information, legal counsel and new business strategies including mergers and acquisitions.
    1.        9kHz ~ 8GHz frequency coverage
    2.        Full spectrum scan rates up to 8GHz / s
    3.        Adjustable bandwidth and a real-time digital spectrum display
    4.        LAN interface for remote control and data output
    5.        Low power consumption, light weight, portable applications
    6.        It can be used to detect radio network interference, signal reception and analysis, and detection of small transmitter
    7.        Unique integrated automatic switching antenna system, without additional antennas.
    8.        Portable, easy to operate. High-resolution touch-screen display
    9.        Spectrum displays the received spectrum traces generated over time, provide desktop portable spectrum analyzer functions designed specifically for RF safety investigation.
    1. Rapid detection of all wireless signals within 10KHz-8GHz, rapid analysis of illegal wireless signal and restore the image and sound from illegal signals.
    2. Detect the audio and video signal, restore images&sounds at the same time while locating the positions.
    RF data
    Frequency range 9kHz ~ 8GHz
    Linear operation input level typical value 0 dBm / 107 dBμV
    Impedance 50 Ω
    VSWR ≤ 2: 1
    Typical input attenuation value 10 dB, RMS 40 dB (manual switch can be selected)
    Noise parameter, DANL
    Noise parameter (demodulation path)
    1MHz ~ 10MHz ≤14 dB
    10 MHz ~ 1GHz ≤14 dB
    1GHz ~ 8 GHz ≤16 dB
    Phase Noise
    Phase noise @ 500MHz
    -90 DBc / Hz @ 30kHz
    -100dBc / Hz @ 100kHz
    Immunity, nonlinearity
     ≥ 300 kHz test signal offset
      20 MHz to 8GHz ≥10dBm, typ. 13dBm
    MF / image / ≥ 60dB spurious suppression
    Operating mode
    Frequency sweep
    Resolution bandwidth 12.75MHz、6.375MHz、800kHz、200kHz、100kHz、25kHz、12.5kHz、6.25kHz
    Scan speed (100kHz RBW) up to 8GHz/s
    Store sweep: 1024 channel memory scanning, user-programmable
    Fixed-frequency mode: The signal is demodulated and processed and can listen through headphones
    Measurement accuracy and display modes
    Frequency resolution 1Hz
    Frequency accuracy ± 1ppm
    Display error Max. ± 2 dB, typ. ± 1dB
    Display Mode: Maximum peak, sampling, average, RMS
    Antenna input           9 kHz to 8GHz SMA, 50Ω
    Mmaximum input level      Non-destructive 10dBm
    Reference input             10 MHz BNC
    Maximum input level of non-destructive 0dBm ~ + 10dBm
    I / Q output (optional)        BW ≤ 500 kHz LAN
    Basic data
    Operating temperature range      0 ° C to +50 ° C
    Permissible temperature range    -10 ° C to +55 ° C
    Power                       12 V DC ± 10%, 1.5 A
    Dimensions                  H × W × D 43cmX32 cmX 15 cm
    Weight                      4kg